Hold On Farm - Canton, Tx

What is a Hold On Truck you say?  Well, in the Summer of 2009 I bought my wife a 1956 GMC Carryall (Suburban).  The gentleman that owned it was out in Phoenix, AZ and I was deployed to Iraq at the time.  I wanted someone who could get "eyes on" to give me the "thumbs up" before I bought it.  So on a Saturday morning my Dad, wife and three small children took off from Southern CA to Phoenix, AZ for about an 8 hour drive.

When they arrived the gentleman took them all on a test drive in the local grocery store parking lot.  Because it's a 1956 there were no seat belts (has since been rectified) and the man keep telling everyone to "HOLD ON!!!" every time he hit the gas to show off a bit.

Well, after getting back home to CA and calling me on Skype to tell me about the truck.  One of my twins (Megan) who at the time was maybe 3, kept asking me, "when are we going to buy the 'Hold On Truck' daddy?"  So, ever since that day the name stuck.

So when we decided to buy the property and start the farm it was a natural fit.  And as they say "the rest is history."

- Thomas Jefferson


Hold On Farm started out in 2011 as a labor of love to simply provide "real food" for our family.  Here is a little About Us.  

Photographer: Georges Schemagin              Austin, Tx                 www.mr-photographer.com  

Our St. Croix Hair Sheep are born and raised out on pasture with no chemical wormers, herbicides, pesticides and/or antibiotics. Plus they eat nothing but natural grass, clover and forbs their entire lives for a truly "100% Grass Fed and Finished Lamb."

Our Ruby Red Devon Cattle are born and raised out on pasture with no chemical wormers, herbicides, pesticides and/or antibiotics.  Plus they eat nothing but natural grass, clover and forbs their entire lives for a truly "100% Grass Fed and Finished Beef."